Our History

“That was all we got
produce, with everything we had”

(Ítalo Toneto, Founder)

The beginning

The company started with an idea emerged in 2018, thought by Ítalo Toneto, in that period he was 18 years old, from Paraná, he saw this idea as an opportunity. At the beginning of 2019 they started their studies and market research to proccess the product to take the seeds without shells. Since the beginning the focus was on the exportation of the seeds and based in that objective the young manager Ítalo built your knowledge. At the end of 2019, the owner Ítalo propose to start the first proccess. So some machines were bought, pretty simple machines and this is how de business start with a production about 60kg to 80kg daily, in your full strength 100kg in a day.

Mulheres com luvas escolhendo castanhas

And this is how keep going during all 2020, the production keeping about 100kg of nuts in a day with a structure of 250m². When the company started to grow up, our machinery needs to change, so we update our machinery using a financial project.

So we finally put some new technologies that would meet our needs and the international needs. At the beginning of 2021 strated our first beneficiation of the feedstock and from there our production keeps growing to a production about 150kg to 200kg per day of processed nuts, reaching the and of 2021 with 580kg of precessed nuts.

After that, from 2021 to until now in 2022 the company has a production of 1800 to 2000kg daily processed, continuing like that with a gradual growth and insisting in technological evolution and always looking to improve in the exportation branch, giving to our costumers a high QUALITY products and the most imporant with sustainable and social RESPONSABILITY to the entire world.

About our Product

The Brazil Nut is one of the most important extractvization exploration species arround the Amazon Forest. Obtain a significant participation in the generation of divisor in the region due to the amount of the exportation logistic arround the seeds. It is found in native estate in the Amazon Forest, where the biggest portions located in Brazil mostly of that portion located in the plateau formed on the watersheds from “baixo amazônas”, Tocantins and Moju and highland’s in north of “Jari river” in Pará state, Amazon and Acre state’s up to Bolívia

The extraction of our product is based in manual collection and is part of a forest management, resulting in a product with superior freatures like size of the nuts, organic and crunchiness. In addition to a product that is rich in good victamins and healthy benefits like big amount of selenium, natural antioxidant, glúten free and rich in monoensaturate fats, when you dealing with us you also contribute with the sustein and assistance of the workers and their families.

Mulheres escolhendo castanahas
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